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MEAN Stack is enough

MEAN Stack is a combination of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. MEAN is a free, Open-source, user-friendly and full stack javascript framework ideal for the dynamic website and web apps. If anyone is looking for a more effective and productive web solution then MEAN stack comes to the picture with the ability to work with all the advance javascript stack.

Where MongoDB is the latest and widely used NoSQL database, Express.js is providing a solid framework for node.js, Angular.js is a famous yet powerful front end and Node.js is the new and most powerful back-end.

  • M - MongoDB (Open source NoSQL Database)
  • E - Express.js (Back-end web app framework)
  • A - Angular.js (Front-end web application framework)
  • N - Node.js (Back-end runtime environment)
MEAN Stack Development

MEAN Stack development services

  • Custom MEAN Stack Development
  • API Development
  • MEAN Stack Consulting Services
  • Web/Mobile App UI/UX Development
  • Migration & Upgradation Services
  • Support and Maintenance
MEAN Stack development services

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