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Polymer.Js Custom Development & Consulting

Polymer.js is an open-source JavaScript library design and developed by Google. Polymer.js is library having web components using HTML to make it faster and easier than ever before to build beautiful applications on the web. It contains strong features which are only available in ploymer.js such as encapsulation and extensibility.

Polymer.js allows to compose CSS, HTML and encapsulated js and providing Responsive designs. It allows us to create rich, powerful and reusable web components. Some of the websites run on the polymer.js Bloomberg, Flux factory, Ontrack, and more.

  • Foundation
    Its like design to build like a block. Its includes animation,HTML page,custom element,encapsulate structure & site.
  • Core
    Helpers build an app with some code.
  • Element
    UI or non UI component builds with core.
Polymer.js Development

Polymer.js Services

  • Custom Polymer.JS Development
  • API Development
  • Polymer.js Consulting Services
  • Web/Mobile App UI/UX Development
  • Migration & Upgradation Services
  • Support and Maintenance
Polymer.js Services

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